Summer-Fresh Fruits And Veggies: Now In Community Farmers Markets ( Buy Jersey Fresh – Direct From Farmers)

New Jersey farmers grow well more than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables, ranging from the most common everyday shopping-cart items to more exotic Asian, Caribbean and European varieties, as well as organic. On average, the food travels no more than 50 miles from where it was grown.

Several markets feature local organic produce, as well as cheeses, herbs, cut flowers, ornamental plants, organic eggs, poultry and meat. Some offer weekly entertainment and special events. All feature New Jersey farmers dispensing tidbits of friendly information and samples of their wares….”try these apples—they’re a new variety;” “Heirloom tomatoes vary greatly according to type and the soil.” Their farm-fresh wisdom is free, whether you buy or not.

Community Farmers’ Markets operate weekly, from June through October. However, specific days and times of operation may vary or change, so it’s best to call the market you wish to visit, or check the NJCFC website, for information on member market schedules.